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Hello there!

I’m new to this blogging lark, but for a while now I’ve wanted to set one up in order to document my efforts of breaking into the publishing industry, for personal reflections and perhaps the odd review. So here we are. I’m a second year English Literature student at the University of Portsmouth, and publishing is all I’ve wanted to do since I read Little Women at the age of six (yes, six). I am yet to find any work experience in the industry – I am finding it much more difficult, and much more competitive, than first anticipated. But, having said that, I have a very useful contact ‘on the inside’ who will hopefully prove extremely valuable! Watch this space!

In an effort to fabricate work experience of my own, I founded my own company in first year called High Kings. I write CV’s and proofread student’s essays and dissertations. It has been an interesting experience, enabling me to hone my proofreading skills and improve my ability to manipulate words. This year I was taken aback by how busy the company kept me, particularly in the last few weeks, when dissertation deadlines were looming, so hopefully next year I will be able to hire a couple of students to help out!

I like most types of literature, early modern drama (like Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Massinger) being my favourite. I also particularly enjoy Victorian literature. There is definitely something to be said for the ‘classics’ – they possess a certain grace, a refined and elevated tone. Though to be honest, I read most things. My course covers a wide range of genres and a large number of books!

Apart from my fondness for books, I’m pretty normal. I was the social sec for my university’s student radio, I’m an executive course representative for English Literature, and founder and president of the English Literature society. I am competitive and determined, and I have a deep and desperate desire to move to New York city when I graduate. I play hockey at university, which I enjoy immensely, and I love salt and vinegar squares and diet coke.

Look me up on twitter, if you like: @beckycmcnamara



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  1. Wow I love this article! Your english is very good, i hope one day i can speak english like you

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