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Halfway to Christmas

It’s all over Facebook. We are exactly halfway to Christmas 2014, six months away. A terrifying thought, to me at least. Six months is not a long time, and I am suddenly very aware of exactly how little I have accomplished so far in 2014.

I have finished second year with a 2:1, received an award for my work with the student radio, won a tournament with my hockey team and my company is flourishing, but it’s not enough. I’m not getting where I want to go, these achievements are not big enough to get me there, and time is not slowing down.

A year used to seem like such a long time. I suppose the younger you are, the bigger a fraction of your life a year is. So when I was 5, a year would equate to a fifth of my life. But now that I am 20, a year is only a twentieth, and it’s crazy to think that that fraction is only getting smaller. The years are only going to go faster.

I’m not trying to instil panic in the hearts of anyone reading this, rather I want to impress upon you the importance of perseverance and determination, and the dangers of complacency. This marker is a checkpoint. A time to reevaluate, refresh and restart. I won’t sit back and marvel at how quickly this year is going. I will reevaluate what I have accomplished thus far, I will refresh what I am in the process of accomplishing, and restart those endeavours that have lost momentum.

I will tear up 2014, and I will get where I want to go.


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An apology

I haven’t blogged at all since my first post!

I started my blog at the worst possible time, a week before the revision cram began for my exams! But the exams are done, the coursework is all handed in and I am finally home for the summer, with a lovely 2:1 for my second year of English Literature at the University of Portsmouth.

I am unbelievably excited to be able to read for pleasure for the next couple months, I’ve got a big pile of books to get through so expect a lot of reviews. I readĀ The Color PurpleĀ by Alice Walker yesterday, so I’ll review that one later on today.

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